• The Absolute Industry Leader
  • Multi-trait excellence with big time calving ease to growth spread, strong maternal traits, outstanding carcass merit and documented feed efficiency genetics
  • Ranks in the top 1% for Feed Efficiency and the top 10% for Total Profit through the commercial, real world Angus Sire Alliance testing environment
  • Strong carcass proof, ranking among the top bulls in the breed for $B Index among high accuracy sires with 40 or more carcass records
  • Moderate mature size bull with a top 2% $W Index, moderate Milk EPD and top 5% $EN values
  • The only active sire in the breed that ranks in the top 5% for $B, $W and $EN Indexes

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WS Beef King W107

Beef King has quickly made a name for himself. His first calf crop was the most talked about red sire group in the upper Midwest. His second and third calf crops have only solidified his potency. The first daughters calved this spring, maternal calving ease was excellent, udders were sound and very usable. The sons and daughters are extremely high performance cattle that have a lot of style and excellent structure. His sire, WS Beef Maker, has been the heaviest used Red Simmental bull 3 years in a row and we feel Beef King is his best son yet! He offers tremendous mating opportunities for Red Angus breeders looking to make F1s with explosive performance and increased yield. Beef King is now the feature red Simmental bull in the Genex lineup.

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GW Premium Beef is becoming a great bull in many ways. His spread and carcass values are among the very best of hybrid Simmental sires. We think it is rare to find a bull that will work great on heifers, add length and muscling, improve soundness and structure, and add eye appeal in the same package. The genetics he will pass along are also very impressive. He ranks in the top 1% among the hybrid bulls in API, TI, and marbling. He ranks in the top 4% for birth weight, and REA and top 15% yearling weight.

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