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The 7UP Arena

The main headquarters of Anderson Land & Livestock is located in the beautifully majestic and treacherous country of McKay Creek, Oregon. These gorgeous hillsides and canyons are the summer home to the cowherd and although, they are a sight to behold, most of the country is not accessible by vehicle. That is why much of the success of Anderson Land & Livestock can lay on the shoulders of the horses that have covered this rugged terrain over the last 70 years.

Terry & Debby are passionate about the western lifestyle and their equine friends. They have continued these traditions by incorporating some of the most modern learning techniques in the equine world today into their day to day ranching routines.

Ival & Debby

In 2012, Terry & Debby constructed the 7UP Arena, located near the entrance of the ranch. This 100 x 170 indoor riding facility provides a year-around location to further advance Debby’s commitment as a true student of the horse. Debby spends countless hours expanding her level of communication with her horses, using techniques she has learned over decades of studying natural horsemanship. She is believer in finding the “easier way” of doing things with her horses and there is no doubt they are the most well cared for animals on the ranch (next to the cowherd, that is!).

Debby has been very fortunate in her life to have been able to spend many hours learning from the truest of horseman, Ival Sullivan. Ival is a master in the art of training and communicating with horse and rider. When Debby finds time to step way from the daily duties of the 7UP Bull Program, you can most often find her spending time with Ival, her mentor and friend.

Generously provided by Terry & Debby, The 7UP Arena is also the winter home of cow horse trainer, Justin Bailey, Bailey Performance Horses.  Many rainy, windy, wet, cold days are spent inside the sanctuary of this building, where it is appreciated by man and horse alike.

The 7UP Riding Arena located near Pendleton, Oregon.



The 7UP Arena is available for small events and riding groups, by appointment only. Please contact Debby for further information.

Debby Anderson: 541.379.1597