2017/18 Bull Data

I have been around and sold thousands of 7up sired feeder cattle, they are always consistent, growthy, and a favorite of buyers.

2 Year Old Bulls

Three decades of proven sires are evident in the cattle that 7UP takes pride in as their passion. Their dedication to AI breeding to create multiple half, three quarters, and near full sibs in the sale bulls and the cow herd stands out. As you evaluate the bulls this year, I hope you see the sire grouping that best fits your goals. I found multiple brothers that were impressive if you were looking for CE and MUSCLE or if your needs center around breeding cows for total performance, growth, and power the bulls are available. The high forage base diet will allow you to find the bulls in moderate flesh and sound for your western range conditions. I know you will enjoy evaluating bulls and visit with 7UP in your next buying decision. 


Yearling BULL Data 

Available for Purchase October 21, 2017

~ Letter from Tyler Gray,  Neogen GeneSeek Operations ~