7UP Bull Program

"We believe there is no Upper Limit to Quality & Performance" - Terry Anderson


The 7UP Bull Program was created upon the philosophy that the hard work put into improving a cowherd is never done and that with the exceptional genetics and data available today, there is no reason to not be on the cutting edge of quality and performance.  Now this doesn’t mean simply using the most popular ‘AI sire of the year’, but developing a plan with goals and objectives and ultimately staying with this plan until the results become reality. As you’ll often hear Terry quoted around the ranch, “Don’t Weaken!”

Terry & Debby certainly haven’t weakened.  For the past 35 years they have introduced only the most proven, highest accuracy, AI sires in the industry into their program. They then put those genetics to test by exposing them to the harsh range conditions of the home ranch on Upper McKay Creek, southeast of Pendleton, Oregon. Even under those rough conditions, Terry & Debby expect ultimate performance. They closely monitor what genetics hold up structurally, maintain body condition, breed back on schedule and raise exceptional offspring.

“When ranchers want to improve cattle there are only a few breeders I promote year in and year out. 7up bulls make calves more marketable, add pounds and make my job easier”

What they found by this ongoing study is that the top performing cattle will always come from composite genetics. In particular, the blending of Simmental and Angus genetics, utilizing the most proven highest accuracy EPD’s has been the key combination. They generate a low to moderate birth weight calf, calving unassisted with exceptional vigor at birth and incredible growth through weaning (many 7UP Bull calves approach 4lbs/day gain). With Hybrid Vigor being the only free input in a cattle program, it is arguably the most valuable trait in the industry. This is yet another example of why Terry & Debby believe in a properly engineered cattle program (and in helping their customers develop one). Many times this can be the difference in surviving economic downturns in the industry or not.

The Angus breed is by far the most popular breed today and rightfully so based on the genetic advances in every measurable trait that has been identified. But, considerable credit must also be given to the Simmental Association for essentially revolutionizing the breed in a relatively short time frame. For the Andersons, the blending of these powerful genetics is continuing to produce absolutely phenomenal offspring, while still capturing all the rewards of hybrid vigor. And it’s not just about the bulls, this combination is also generating replacement females for the 7UP program that are structurally balanced, easy fleshing, moderately sized, gentle with perfect udders that calve unassisted.

“We’ve put all of this to the ultimate environmental test and the results are always the same – astonishing!”, says Terry.

Terry & Debby have been able to generate exceptional bulls using this formula. In addition, they have chosen to move their calving season to October/November to add 4-5 months added maturity over Spring calves. The bulls natural physical attributes are then allowed to be fully developed by following their mothers April through August in the range conditions of McKay Creek. This benefit is ultimately handed down to the buyers of their bull program. Tough, mature bulls that can cover the country and still perform to the high standards of the Andersons.

The 7UP Bull Development Center located in Stanfield, Oregon.


7UP Bulls are transported to the 7UP Bull Development Center, located in Stanfield, Oregon, in October of each year. Here they are developed on a long hay ration consisting of a blend of Alfalfa and Grass Hay, along with 5 pounds of grain. The Andersons prefer hand feeding to maintain daily human contact with the bulls, which helps keep them relatively gentle.

“We’ve used proper handling techniques with these cattle long before ‘Beef Quality Assurance’ and Handling clinics became popular. Pressure and release works with cattle exactly the same as with horses. The bulls are handled on foot, horseback and with dogs. They respect their handlers”, says Terry.


The final thing that sets the 7UP Bull Program apart from other seedstock offerings is their approach on marketing. Terry & Debby have chosen private treaty over the live auction formant because it provides them an opportunity to get to know their customers and work one on one to help them achieve the goals they have set for their individual cattle programs.

Terry & Debby Anderson

Terry & Debby Anderson

“When customers come here to purchase herd sires, they are dealing with people that have a passion for what they doing, that know every cow in the operation and live with program every day”, says Terry.

“Customers coming to select bulls can also tour the cowherd October through April. They can see firsthand how small the calves are at birth and how rapidly they grow. We have been blessed to establish personal relationships with some of the best ranching operations in the Pacific Northwest!”



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